Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Which way now?

Making new work is an odd thing. You allow yourself to travel with it, get thoroughly lost and end up on an entirely different path than expected.
Now and then you stop, look around and feel like telling someone where you are and what you see. A good time to exhibit I expect.
Continuing on the Street Side theme, I call this new body of work Time of the Signs. It stems from many different directions and holds a confusion of ideas that, in making the work, I hope to address. To give some sense of my purpose, here is the artist statement I have written to accompany the work...

Time of the Signs is a body of work that explores both personal and social conflict and contradictions arising from a love/hate relationship with the city.

Colours and markings in this work parallel the visual impact of street signage while the hand thrown porcelain forms provide an intentional distinction to machine made infrastructure.

Arrows, numbers and symbols can confuse, unnerve and dominate our periphery but abstracted become whimsical, almost festive. Rather than be worn down by the presence of street signs, I chose to celebrate their aesthetic.

In aspiring to create timeless objects that reference my era, the vessel has become a potent symbol of self. Utilising the icons of our day I create a vocabulary to consider existence; finding and losing direction, recognising milestones and crossroads and questioning the need for certainty of destination.

This work explores an alternate view of both urban and internal landscapes. 

Artist In Residence Exhibition
5 to 25 November
Opens Thurs 4 Nov 6-8pm
Pan Gallery
142-144 Weston St Brunswick East 

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Mate said...

i do like the idea of symbols that are hidden behind liquid to be discovered as the soup/coffee is consumed. As for destinations i find the journey to be more important than the destination as in life.