Friday, August 14, 2009

When good times go bad ... and good again

1. Attention to detail is key
2. Never pack the kiln when overtired
3. Do as I say not as I do.

It could have been worse. So much worse. Note small, bottom kiln prop - front and centre. Note all other kiln props - not front and centre. I don't know what I was thinking! I'm not even particularly blonde anymore.

I arrived at work on Thursday keen as mustard to open the kiln door but the bottom lever was stuck with rust. (Amber is getting on in years but I still love her so.) Delightful Dan was kind enough to give me a helping hand, announcing "I get to do the honours" as he swung open the kiln door.

I think we swore in unison.

It was a cone 10 firing and that poor bottom shelf just couldn't stand the badly distributed weight.

But it must have cracked slowly because- wonder of wonders - the leaning tower didn't reach the kiln wall, meaning all elements and brickwork escaped unharmed.

AND... when I recovered enough to unpack I discover I had only lost one pot!

Sorry, but I just have to show you that again.


Wen said...

That was difinitely worth a photo!
I can't believe you only lost one piece....

andrew widdis said...

Now I know why I only ever have one prop at back, two at front. I'm laughing so much! You made my day.
I'll bring you some bleach.

Vicki Grima said...

Worth sharing, Cheers Vicki