Tuesday, August 18, 2009

book and stool

But of course they both have a ceramic tale attached.

Firstly - inspired by Takeshi's comments on looking after your body and sitting at the right height to your wheel, I have resumed my (very basic and occasional) yoga practice and been on the hunt for an adjustable stool.

1950's drummers stool
unearthed at
Lost and Found Market
in Collingwood.

Secondly - feeling the need to recover my wits after last weeks firing debacle (or insert excuse here) I spent a good couple of hours immersed at Readings bookstore in Carlton and discovered...

Ceramics: A Lifelong Passion
by Peter Siemssen

This book is absolutely beautiful. The enthusiasm with which the author introduces his collection is infectious and I found myself quite moved by many (in fact nearly all) of the works pictured. I haven't read all the essays yet because I can't stop looking at the pictures! The whole book is like an extensive exercise in name dropping but it is completely forgivable because Siemssen takes the time to share his acquisitions and information in a very personal way.

Here's the official synopsis: Peter Siemssen, a creative businessman, is the driving force behind this entirely personal publication - a book informed by profound knowledge of the subject as well as passion. Siemssen presents a selection of works from his collection against a backdrop of decades of experience and encounters with the most important contemporary ceramicists. Arranged geographically, the book presents Japanese, German, Scandinavian, Western European, North American and Mediterranean ceramics in a broad range of significant works. The high point is the work of Gilbert Portanier, with whom Peter Siemssen has particularly intensive artistic contacts and ties of friendship. Documentary photographs faithfully reproducing the works lead into interpretative texts, artist biographies and Peter Siemssen's entertaining reminiscences to provide access to art ceramics in the latter half of the 20th century. Distinguished specialists in the field contribute high-profile essays on various aspects of the subject.

I guess I was in a mood to spoil myself!

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