Saturday, August 22, 2009

So long Gibson

I never knew you but I think you were great.

This memorial was pasted up over two nights on the wall outside Northcote Pottery Supplies. I'm guessing there's a sad person or two out there somewhere, working through their grief, making the time and effort to compile and paste the many A4 photocopies that comprise this image.

I like how it's placed behind a tree.
I think Gibson would appreciate that.

I have complained in the past about the dismay graffiti efforts on this vacant building but of late things have been improving. Strange yellow creatures now greet us as we leave work and a few weeks back there was a sudden installation of random toy groupings the length of the street.

I love the city.


emidio said...

What are we going to do Soph when the zillion apartments are built on that site? There better be some attractive people living there to look at.

Sophie Milne said...

and big windows.

We have nothing to fear I think Em. I'm sure our stealthy Brunswick artists will still leave their marks?

Urban Cake Lady said...

yay gibson :-)

your work is really beautiful!