Sunday, May 3, 2009

A visit to Craft Vic

Isn't it amazing how much your 'head space' effects your experiences. Stating the obvious to say the least, but it fascinates me how much what you take in to a situation effects what you take out.

Okay, to explain further, on Friday I went to Craft Victoria for a work related reason but with the full intention of taking advantage of the moment to view the three exhibitions that had opened the night before.

Business concluded, I wandered through the space and did my best to take it all in. Now I should point out that my week had been HHEECCTTIICC. A new show at Pan, an office space to set up, a large order to complete, a school issue to resolve and then some. What I took away from all three exhibitors was simply an experience of space. Not internal space, I honestly had no mental energy left to be challenged by concepts. Just a basic external experience of space.

It went like this...

I spent a little time hanging out in Simon Lloyds workshop-like structure thinking "Wow, there's chiaroscuro right there on those shelves full of odds and bobs."

That's nice.

Then I ambled through to the next room and thought "Hello, I've just left earth" and spent a little time in Natasha Dusenjko's outer space.

That was nice too.

Then finally, I snuck around the corner to Liz Low's space. That was really, really nice. Sitting in wait for the artist to begin her work in the gallery, the potter's temporary studio was white, clean, unused and quiet. So, so quiet. I nearly curled up in a little ball next to the wheel but luckily Liz turned up before I embarrassed myself.

There is so much more to these shows and I encourage you to follow the links to find out more or visit if you can. But last Friday this was all I was capable of. And 'nice' is an insipid little word that most high school English teachers ban from use but every now and then it's just...well... apt.

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andrew widdis said...

Your window looks good! I'll be in town tomorrow to check it out.