Sunday, April 26, 2009

No vacancy

The inclusion of LRB in my last post solicited some (perhaps legitimate) concern from my nearest and dearest. But hey - it made me smile.

On to other matters. Today I braved the freezing Melbourne wind and headed into the city to check out the No Vacancy Art Market in the QV building. It was a little rough around the edges but I do appreciate collectives that make the effort (and I know that it takes a great deal of effort ) to expose artists' works to a greater audience.

The works were affordable and made it easy support local artists and acquire something above and beyond the generic wares found in most city stores. (I have a new t-shirt thanks to sneak design!) And the guy running the show was friendly, enthusiastic and informative which is always refreshing in any art scene.

My only concern (here it comes - unsolicited criticism!) with the plethora of similar markets across Melbourne of late is that the pieces on show begin to follow trends and become something a little less than original. Girls with big eyes and wispy hair, skulls, guns and kooky stuffed toys seem to be the 'thing' at the moment, as is using a skateboard as a canvas.

That said, I enjoyed allowing my eyes a wander. I do feel so lucky to be able to have a visual fix whenever I chose. And I liked the location - inside (away from the wind!) and being smack in the middle of all those fancy designer stores made for a wonderful contrast.

Runs till 17 May.


emidio said...

There's art and then there's Art.

Sophie Milne said...

I wonder Em, does the capital letter make it more legitimate?!

emidio said...

No, just a different approach, less about selling, more about ideas, research and exploration.