Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My Street Side work is currently making it's debut in the window of Craft Victoria. Hooray.

I had fun yesterday morning scrambling up and down the ladder to the window cavity.

Craft Vic looks good from up on high.

Flashbacks to my childhood spent up trees spying on the neighbours.

With the wonderful Carmel in her spotty brown socks as my playmate. (Thank you Carmel!)

I kept forgetting I was on display at street level and was occasionally startled by a city office worker peering in at me.

This is what the space looks like from inside the window.

This is the view my bottles have for the next three weeks.
Well they are Street Side bottles!

And here I am taking a photo of the window.
It's a bit tricky with all that reflection
and my signage is still on the way.
So if you happen to be wandering down Flinders Lane any time soon please do have a look.
It's on until 24 May.


Gracia said...

I shall, I shall, I shall... I pass Craft Victoria often and shall make a special trip to see your window. Congratulations!

Sophie Milne said...

Thanks Gracia!