Sunday, April 19, 2009

Off on another tangent...

Music is really important to me. Like really.

It's another one of those things that I don't like to question too much. I just like to experience it. The right song while working can inspire me and the wrong song can make everything go so very, horribly wrong.

I remember Stephen Fry being interviewed on the sit com/talk show The Kumars at no.42 and he was asked something along the lines of "you like lots of different kinds of art, which one do you think is the best?" After chuckling briefly he thought for a moment and said 'music'. I don't think anyone was really expecting him to give an answer, there is very little point in making comparisons between art forms, but for the purpose of emphasising just how much I love music - how it can make me laugh, cry, dance, feel intense joy, misery and sing loudly and tunelessly- I'm going to say I agree with him.

Lately a particular song has been following me. I heard a fantastic rap/dance version on RRR (which I haven't tracked down yet) then I heard refrains in a shop and then again in a movie. So I 'googled' and realise it's an old song that has recently been covered. I prefer the original so for your listening pleasure and mine, here it is with a classic video clip to boot.

Ahhh, those funky 70's.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree... music has the advantage over other art forms because it can subvert the intellect and go straight to the bones... also it can incorporate poetry within it so sometimes it's a combination of two art forms. I guess one could say that pottery has the advantage (sometimes) of being functional as well as decorative or conceptual but it doesn't get into your bones and make you move or send your memories reeling back 30 years. i'm wondering what are some faves of yours?

Sophie Milne said...

Thanks Jim - your daughter has a great name I must say!
On high rotation in my studio at the moment is a local Melbourne band called Ponyface - very atmospheric - they are on Myspace if you want to have a listen. Some other favorites are Rufus Wainwright, Band of Horses, Spiritualized, the two Nicks - Drake and Cave... well the list could go on forever and changes quite randomly and often. 'Straight to the bones' - I like that.