Monday, November 24, 2008

Function driven design

I don't make to order. I learnt early on that when someone asks for one specific thing they are blissfully unaware that it takes many hours, days, weeks to get it right.

However, every now and then a friend asks me for a special something that will fulfill a certain function and I just can't resist. I enjoy the challenge of designing a piece that will fit the bill perfectly and in these situations - no time frame, no pressure and full understanding of what's involved - I always find I learn something new.

Hot out of the kiln today comes this batter bowl for Teresa.

I hope this makes those Sunday morning pancakes taste even sweeter.

And Jim, I think this lidded container might do the trick -
hold plenty of olives but not take up too much room in the fridge.


andrew widdis said...

Love the batter bowl!

Mel Robson said...

Sophie the batter bowl is beauuuutiful!!

Sophie Milne said...

Thanks guys.