Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Red Christmas

Every Christmas Craft Victoria has a colour theme for it's store and asks members to create work in response to the chosen colour. This year it's red.

My ceramic vocabulary is dominated by lines. I like the simplicity and potency of line imagery. And I also like working to a theme.

In these pieces I explore the duality of meaning in modern day Christmas. I seem to remember it having something to do with Christianity (?!) and my thoughts wander to the powerful symbolism of the cross. But perhaps it's more likely that presents are the first thing most people think of when they think about Christmas (well, in the Western world) so my crosses become more synonymous with red ribbons wrapped around gifts.

Whatever the interpretation I hope these pieces end up on a Christmas table somewhere and provide someone with a moment of rest and reflection in what will no doubt be a chaotic day.


shannon said...

These are really beautiful.

carole epp said...

gorgeous pieces, in intent as well as visually.