Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pictures from an exhibition

Tuesday, so five more possible days (today-Sat) to see our exhibition, The Deep End at Potier. We had such a lovely opening night with friendly, interested people and some very excited swimmer/models who saw themselves immortalised on an art work for the first time. It was a whole lotta of fun.

Our pieces are installed on the central table and in the window of Judith Buckridge's most excellent store, Potier, dedicated to Australian ceramic art. Being surrounded by some of the best ceramicists in the field is a little intimidating (!) but we are aided by the fact that this body of work is vastly different from anything else on the shelves. I am really pleased with how it looks and when we added some water to a bowl, here and there, the swimmers and the vessels came alive. 

For those further a field, who kindly requested images, I have done my best to capture the feel of the room and the work but as we all know, it is never quite the same as being in touching distance.

None of these images do justice to the spectacular imagery Jacqueline Kennedy 'scratched' on the forms. The detail is just too tricky to capture in a snap. The day after the opening Jacqui declared her intention to  work in PNG, for an indefinite period, as a cook on another kind of vessel, sailing the ocean, surfing, diving and fishing. So the Deep End project draws to a close due to the call of the waves. A fitting end to thoroughly enjoyable collaboration.

Thanks for all the support and interest!

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Linda Starr said...

The bowls are very striking.