Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In context

Getting back on top of things now, a few orders complete, studio clean and starting to think about next weekends trip to Adelaide for Subversive Clay. Woohoo. 

I have even had the inclination to raise my head from the wheel and see what's happening out and about as the winter hibernation comes to an end. Ahhhh spring.

Last weekend I rode to Abbotsford Convent to see what Colin and Ilona have been up to in their studio at Cone 11. They had mentioned an event called Spin Off, an installation of their ceramic works for sale, and it had me intrigued. It was not in their studio, as I had thought, but thankfully as I wandered vaguely through the farmers market (eating the best ever spanakopita) I bumped into Ilona, who pointed me in the right direction. 

In a beautifully lit, high ceilinged room within a convent building, the pair had set up a space that felt like a minimalist, Eames-era entrance hall and lounge room, providing a natural and calm setting to display their recent explorations in clay.  It is wonderful when artworks are given room to breathe and are allowed to inhabit a space. This environment was like the half way point between gallery and home and provided a lovely way to view and appreciate the works. They do context well.

So well in fact that while I was there two ladies downed bags and jackets and sat amongst the exhibit with coffees for a chat. Ilona appeared beautifully unperturbed.

Colin has been spending some time with Phil Elson and the influence is evident in his large bowl forms. I was very taken with these beautiful porcelain light shades (below).

Ilona has been exploring new satin glazes that compliment the raw clay body in functional pots, vases... 

 incense holders, bowls, cups and...

 lots and lots of jugs!

I had to pick up one of the larger jugs because I was enjoying the aesthetic of the handle to body relationship but was not convinced of it's practicality. Convinced I was however as soon as I lifted the vessel and it gently swung to a beautiful pouring angle.

Exciting developing work to see in a really beautiful context. 

Spin Off - A Cone 11 Ceramics + Design Studio Initiative
Satellite Showroom
21 - 05 Oct
St Heliers St Gallery
Abbotsford Convent

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