Friday, April 15, 2011

Writing 'bout pots

I have had a couple of articles published recently. 

Writing about ceramics is a newly discovered joy for me. I am a long-time reader of other peoples thoughts on the subject, always loving my interpretation and comprehension of ceramic artworks validated, broadened, challenged or provoked. Now I find putting my own thoughts down as written words furthers my ability to formulate opinions and gain a greater understanding of the root of these opinions. You know.. a little more than 'the vibe of the thing.' 

Writing about pots get me thinking and if it gets others thinking too.. well that's a bonus.

Lessons In Clay: The Art of Ann Ferguson  Ceramics Monthly May 2011 p.82

Concept and Competition Sophie Milne talks with Kim Brockett and Anita Cummins The Journal of Australian Ceramics Volume 50 April 2011 p.76 

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