Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well it's about time...

Yep - new website is up and running. Hooray!

There are still a few things to add but for the time being it will suffice. I'm trying to keep it simple, just a general reference point for the work I do really. I must remember to send thanks to Terence Bogue -  image is everything, as they say, and he provided many of the photos included on the site.

When I haven't been glued to the computer screen I have, suprise suprise, been making pots. Monday was joy-on-the-wheel day. Southern Ice, warm water and a new form taking shape.

I have been on a beaker bender for a while - tall cups without handles. I enjoy exploring their function; forming a comfortable lip, chosing an appropriate drink, experiencing the balance and weight when in use. The form also provides a clear vertical surface for mark making and designs. ( I say this because I am scared of using the word decoration but more on that later!)

The thing is - I've always had a slight 'issue' with handles. Functionally they are great but I have often felt they distract from the simplicity of the forms I create. Plus they are damn right difficult to 'decorate' around.

Of course, when done right, handle and body can merge to make a unified form. And lately I have been noticing handles that are really quite spectacular. This one by Euan Craig is not exactly the minimal style I have in mind but impressive none the less!

So I'm thinking the time may be right to give handles another go. No guts, no glory! I managed to attach twelve in the space of my son's karate class last night. I'm not saying they will be successful (!) but I think with handles you just have to go for it... over and over again.... until you have done so many they become second nature. I'm aiming for relaxed but intentional...hmm...well it can't hurt to try... 

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Mel Robson said...

They are beautiful forms Sophie. And i am with you on the handle thing! I used to make a lot of teapots but could never seem to find a handle...or a spout...or a knob... that i felt worked or that didn't distract from the form. Its tricky getting all those elements right! Good luck!