Friday, June 4, 2010

Verging on sentimental

I may have previously mentioned  my desire to one day work in collaboration with another artist.

Potter or not, I think it would be a fascinating process to work alongside another to produce a body of work that has the potential to capture something greater than the sum of it's parts.

I am not actively seeking a collaborative project, more allowing myself to be open to the idea should an opportunity present itself. (Not lazy just busy!)

Then this -

A day off school with the snuffles, taken to work with Mum, handed an unfired cup and a sgraffito tool to keep him busy and young Finn came up with these little masterpieces.

Yes, possibly I am a tad bias and maternally proud but... well...  look how awsome they are!

Occassionally opportunities present themselves in the most unusual of ways. Pays to recognise them when they happen.


andrew widdis said...

Too good.
A talent discovered. Can I borrow Finn; I'm no good at drawing.

Ron said...

I LOVE these. Great drawings Finn. Yes, I'd like to borrow him too.

Patricia Griffin said...

Young Finn has got it going on!

monica said...

I love them! The elongated head one is super cool. :) I can hardly wait till my son is old enough to draw.

Wen said...

Aren't they fresh and unselfconscious!

Kate is On The Make said...

Train him up Soph, he's a genius! I like the creature with teeth best.

Sophie Milne said...

Finn says thanks all and is pretty damn chuffed that he prompted more responses than Mum usually gets!

Now off to the studio with you child and start earning your keep.