Friday, June 11, 2010


Here is the end result of my 'teapot play' as mentioned in a previous post. Same pot, different handles.

Handle A

Handle B

The point of the exercise was actually to reacquaint myself with the LGH clay body and to test various glazes that will be introduced in classes next term.

When I look at this teapot it makes me laugh. The spout is too wide and stumpy, the belly is squat and the base too broad. It completely lacks grace and were I to do it over again (and again and again) I would certainly do things differently. This approach has defined my practise to date: reflect, refine and discover through repeating. I love it. I love the consideration repetition requires, the attention to detail and the slow progression of form development.

Of course it makes earning a living a little tricky! And there is also the fact that sometimes I look back at earlier works and see something in them that is missing from later editions - maybe I enjoy their naivity or more evident enthusiasm.

Anyway, this was a one off and I think I'm going to keep the little fella. There is something kind of friendly in it's ineptitude. But hmmm, which handle and why?


Chris C. said...

Handle A is the keeper. B is too distracting from the form. Perhaps if it was a bit smaller and just plain bamboo...

Patricia Griffin said...

Admire your ability to self-critique. I usually have to leave a piece or body of work for months, and then come back to it to really begin to "see." ... I like the top handle (A). I'm interested in the balance and conciseness of it, though both handles would work.

Wen said...

I prefer handle A too.....I didn't know handles were readily available anymore...good news on that score.

Sophie Milne said...

Have to admit Wen, I found these two at the bottom of a tool box I had from school days. Purchased that long ago they could be antiques! Don't know where you would get them now.