Friday, November 27, 2009

Warts and all

Sigh. I would never seriously consider throwing in the 'ceramic' towel but sometimes I really wonder why I do this to myself?

Here's a new one. My kiln is getting too hot. Recent firings had me wondering why my colours aren't as expected and things are warping more than usual.

Well now I know...
That's cone 8, 9 and 10 dripping off the brick there. Way too hot. And no it is not because the elements are old and struggling to reach temp. It's because I can't hold Amber back! Last firing cone 10 was down an hour before the scheduled cone 9 firing should have been complete! I do love her but sheesh. Slow down girl.

So most of my crazy-day play-pots have
very unattractive blisters.

Thank goodness they weren't for an order.

The more essential pieces were made from Southern Ice porcelain which, thankfully, likes it hot.

I can only guess it's the temperature gauge and a service is required but in the mean time it's back to cones, gloves and groovy goggles for me and my trusty assistant.

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Anna said...

wooo, scary. Let us know when you find out what is causing it?