Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last Friday

I was thinking of titling this post 'antithesis day' or 'petulant child day' as they could equally sum up last Friday.

What I thought was...

"i must call mark about those cups and organize an electrician to check my harco box and i hope my friend is alright and i have to reply to mollie's email and take photos of those pieces and layout a brochure of some description and redo my website and send that information to my retailers and was it rude to invite seven children and three adults over this evening but not cater and i must start those pieces for the artist in residence show and confirm everything is alright for set up Sunday and pick up Finn at three and..."

What I did was...

ignored the voices in my head

turned Rufus Wainwright up loud

grabbed a clay I never use

threw some loose forms I hadn't been thinking about

and made as much mess as my nature allows.

Well, I was never going to get any 'real' work done in that state of mind.

Thanks Rufus.

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