Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big names, big pieces, big show.

Paul Davis, Yuki-To-Ishi (Snow and Rock)

Yep - it's big.

Ceramics Victoria's 40th anniversary exhibition at Manningham Gallery has the work of no less than 64 ceramic artists on display. Not for the faint-hearted that's for sure! I attended the opening and it was wonderful to catch up with people and join the celebrations but I think I only took in about half of the works and even that felt cursory. This is the nature of openings. Not the best time to view the works but an opportunity to support the artists and listen to those involved speaking on the subject.

The subject in this case is quite broad - ‘Celebrating the Past, Showcasing Current Work and Projecting the Future in Ceramics’ - no small task, so the immense scale of the show is perhaps apt.

I would love to find the time to return and spend a quiet moment (or day) there but right now I would also quite like to find time, as that delightful saying goes, to scratch myself.

Ceramics Victoria 40th Anniversary Exhibition
Manningham Gallery
14 to 31 October 2009

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