Saturday, October 10, 2009

cook (kuk) 1. prepare (food?) by heating

I don't really bake...or even cook... often... well... at all... really.

The other night I saw the movie Julie and Julia surrounded by my
wonderfully-skilled-in-the-kitchen friends
and while I could fully appreciate their joy and passion for the art of food preparation
I had greater empathy with the blogging.

I actually love to cook.
Well, I would actually love to have a lot of time to cook.
Wait, I would actually love to have a lot of time to... pot.
Yep, that's it.
If I was suddenly given a lot of time I would spend it creating pots.

But look...

I've been blending and mixing and weighing and seiving.

Blueberry muffins? No.
Coloured slip. Yes!

Beautiful, creamy, mesmerising coloured slip that, very shortly, I will drop by the studio to check on. It is drying on a plaster batt to form a positively dough-like clay with which I intend to
knead and throw.

Each to their own.

Thank goodness others love to cook or I might forget to eat.


Anna said...

It is amazing how many potters also love food and cooking - must be something about the tactile senses used for all three actvities. :>)

Shannon Garson said...

That looks delicious!