Monday, September 28, 2009

Keep looking up

Mmmm - cranes.

Now I'm no Objektophile and I've never experienced a Stendhal moment but I do seem to be developing a thing for inanimate objects. Telegraph poles, railway crossings and now cranes. Urban infrastructure is an inspiring thing.

I blame the gene pool. My mum's dad, whom I never had the pleasure to meet, was a builder and my mum can't pass a building site without stopping and admiring. Over development, consumerism, greed, it's all awful I know, yet I am humbled and awed by our ability to construct.

But beyond that, these bastions of development can provide such a bold, striking graphic across an expanse of sky. I can't enjoy a sunset anymore unless it's interrupted by the silhouette of a telegraph pole!

And I love that cranes are painted pretty colours - who decided to do that?!

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Anna said...

When my sons were young I had an excuse to stand and stare - not so easy now they are grown and left home. The crane drivers must have an amazing head for heights but would rarely get to enjoy the view.