Monday, August 3, 2009

Just in case you haven't heard..

Winter Studio Sale

Handmade ceramic vessels by Sophie Milne

Saturday 8th August
12 -4pm
in my studio
at Northcote Pottery
142 Weston Street
Brunswick East

no credit card facilities
but you might get a cuppa

This year has been all about exploring and developing new work, resulting in many pieces being created along the way to resolution.

Some argue that these should be smashed so as not to undervalue the final pieces. But the greenie in me just can't stand adding these non-biodegradable wares to land fill when they could go to a kind and loving home.

Of course I want to do the right thing by my resellers too. So after much 'umming and ahhing' I decided the compromise is to have a twice yearly sale and not sell work from my studio the rest of the time. (Would love to hear other ceramicists' thoughts on this.)

Plus I don't think my family will except ceramics for Christmas and birthday presents any more!

So please do pop in and you might get a lamington too.


Elk said...

I'm definitely eyeing off those telegraph pole pieces... I won't be down till Melbourne until the 15th/16th though so looks like I'll miss it.. are they still available at Craft Vic?

Sophie Milne said...

Hi Elk

I think Craft Vic still have a couple or, nearer to you, Planet in Sydney might be the go.

Thanks for the feedback and feel free to drop in to Northcote Pottery and say hello if you get a chance during you sojourn down south.

Studio Terrafemina said...

My thoughts on selling "seconds" are divided too. I have and probably will again in the future. I have two times a year that I either advertise or personally invite folks via e-mail to come by (buy) :)
Friends come to buy pots sometimes in the year for gifts. And sometimes they spot a "second" that they want and sadly they must then listen to me deliberate/waffle/ and generally embarrass myself with my lack of definition on the subject.
Since I am a Mama first and foremost I have not made too much in the two years. Now that my son is one I plan on "getting down to business" again.
I digress. I suppose the reason I have digressed is because I think my mind has changed up a wee bit in the last while. I think having the cash roll through the Studio is my priority. The purest in me cringes in so much as the "True Artista" is comprising and lowering the bar by selling less than stellar work.
However, there are times when my work is stellar and that is not all the time. So, a little bit of jam to go with the meager bread and butter so to speak is not so bad for me right now.
What I mean, with out the metaphor is; I want the money-hunney. I am not in my Studio enough lately to pass up a sale. If someone wants to buy a bowl that I think is only good enough for the cat to drink out of because the glazing did not turn out the way I wanted it to well then, let them buy it!
(true story that last part:)
Great to be able to ramble on AGAIN about this topic. Thanks
from Mickey on Vancouver Island Canada

Sophie Milne said...

Thank you for your honest response Mickey. I feel better knowing others struggle with this issue too!!