Tuesday, November 11, 2008

with a moose

Collaboration is a fantastic thing. Some time in the future I would love to do a collaborative creative venture with another artist. For the time being, however, my collaborations come in the form of handing work over to another creative person to photograph or present in some manner.

Matt Brown, of online store Moose fame, does wonderful things when presenting other peoples art.
I sent him some new work recently and this is the image he came up with. I like that he was able to capture the colour of my pieces so well.

This is an image he created of some earlier pieces I made.

It's still one of my favorites shots.

I like playing around with pieces when they are completed
- moving, arranging, stacking.

I also enjoy seeing what other people do with my pots, looking with fresh eyes and handling them for the first time. I get immense enjoyment when friends pop into my studio and pick up pieces and shuffle and match. Sometimes I want to leave them alone to play so they are not conscious of my watchful gaze.

But having said that, if there is work about that is still in progress, it feels a little like they are peeking through my draws!

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