Friday, November 7, 2008

I'd like to visit Bondville

It really is a very lovely thing
to come home from work,
with just enough head space left
to check your emails,
and discover a kind soul
has seen your work,
liked it
and thought it would be a good idea
to tell other people about it.

Last night Stephanie Bond was that kind soul.
She has featured my work on her blog
which focuses on
"cool products & design from Australia
and elsewhere to keep you in the know."
Thanks Steph!


andrew widdis said...

Good quality posts Sophie. Bravo.

Actually, your making me so wish I was in the big smoke with lots of galleries and exhibitions to go see. Bendigo Galley is good, but just one place, seen it.
Cheers, Andrew.

Steph Bond said...

You are so welcome! It's so important that we continue to put a spotlight on Aussie talent, especially independent design and handmade products. Looking forward to more gorgeous things from your studio. Steph