Sunday, September 7, 2008

Images to make you feel better

The other night a friend said
"I can't imagine not leading an aesthetic life."

My need to be fueled by beauty has intensified of late.

When I'm not feeling so great, resting my eyes on something beautiful is an avenue to a moment of mental peace.

My Winter blues have been somewhat relieved by images of Versoix, Switzerland, like the one above.

And perusing my friend Emidio's new blog
(no that's not him in the image)
with it's wonderful array of old photos...
well that's helped too.


Culture Vulture said...

Is that ice pic real or enhanced? Its amazing.

Sophie Milne said...

I don't know to be honest Culture. It's from an email that was going around. But as far as I'm concerned it doesn't really matter. I like it.

anonymous julie said...

They do. Thank you, and keep 'em coming!