Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fresh from the kiln

I've been playing around with Southern Ice porcelain. The way it feels as you throw with it is indescribable. I want to say it's like throwing silk but I'm not sure that makes sense.
Usually I like porcelain to retain a creamy colour under a clear glaze, as it then sits softly against the earthy tones of the satin/matt colours I use.

But lately I've been toying with inlay and I want to leave the exterior of the vessels raw. I need a clay that has a polished finish after firing and a brightness to it that removes the need for glaze.
"Hmmmm" I thought "Southern Ice?"

Polished finish, white and also translucent. Everything that porcelain should be but not necessarily what drew me to the material in the first place. But if the clay is going to be all these things then best exploit it for all it's worth. Translucency leads to all sort of interplay between object, space and light .

I'm not sure I'm ready to go down this road yet but it sure is fun to play at the freeway entrance.


anonymous julie said...

Good potential here! Out of curiosity, how much is Southern Ice where you're at?

Sophie Milne said...


I buy it from Northcote Pottery at A$40.60 for a 10 kilo bag. I'm guessing it might be pricier where you're at?