Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Power Lines - Part One

Last year I did a residency in Philadelphia and it has had a rather unusual effect on my work.

It was during those surreal first days after my return home, when I still had my tourist eyes in, that I started to take note of power lines and poles.

At first I felt a kind of repulsion at their messy, overhead presence, but then I started to take note of their rhythms and quirks.

Now I have to admit to a growing fondness of them. I like that their lines are somewhat of an urban equivalent to the lines and marks in nature that usually inspire me and I also like that one day (hopefully, I guess) this technology will be obsolete and in using them as a source of inspiration I am, in some way, capturing a moment in time. So they are starting to make an appearance in new works and soon I will have some to show.

Here are some captured moments of my 'looking up' around the traps. Strange and wonderful the effects of travel!


anonymous julie said...

Infrastructure holds a strange attraction for me, too. Nice images!


Sophie Milne said...

Thanks Julie
Always good to know you are not alone!

andrew widdis said...

Hello Sophie,
Just a quick hello!
Really enjoying your blog. Was not sure how you would expand on the theme, but you have. Power lines, excellent! You reminded me, and made me realise that I too have been looking up while O/S. In Vietnam it was the foot thick looms of phone line with dozens of broken lines dangling here and there. And In Denmark it was Street lights like lawn bowls lights hanging in the middle of intersections. And London, no power lines, nice. In Bendigo in the CBD there are no power lines, and Eaglehawks shopping strip has no power lines either, nice.
Cheers, Andrew.

Sophie Milne said...

One day I want to see those lawn bowl street lights.
Thanks Andrew

andrew widdis said...

Danish street lights. So you don't have to travel there to see them, sorry.

I found this blog while searching for Danish street lights, it has one, but it's also a great blog on Danmark, love Danmark.