Sunday, August 10, 2008

Caught my eye

I delivered work to Crowded House this week and discovered these pieces by Murray Topham, a Sydney ceramicist whose work I have not come across before. Unfortunately my photo doesn't do the pieces justice but I do thank James for letting me move around his shop wares and take the snap. The deep blue glaze inside the left piece is really very warm and appealing. I wasn't able to find out much about Murray on the web, an elusive artist perhaps, but I'll certainly be looking out for more of his work in the future.


Yolande, Nivaa, Denmark said...

Murray is the brother of a good friend of mine, I am eagerly awaiting a mystery Murray Topham piece to arrive..a wedding gift. Can't wait. Love his work, so delicate and intriguing textures.

Yolande, Nivaa, Denmark said...

My piece arrived and it is gorgeous, looking forward to collecting more.