Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Deep End

July already. Yikes! In less than two months Jackie Kennedy and I exhibit our collaborative work at Potier. Aye Karumba! The work has continued at a realtively steady pace that will no doubt become a rather rapid and frenzied pace in the next few weeks. (Well... ahh... after school holidays.)

The always-so-supportive Jude, at Potier, was most excited with the idea and kind enough to offer us a two week show amongst the beautiful array of ceramics in her store. Opening night is September 11... hard to forget, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. That's a Tuesday night from 6-8pm. Pop it in your diary but I will, of course, be sending out a reminder or 20 closer to the time.

I am pretty excited about the direction this work has taken and am looking forward to putting it in the public domain.

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Anna said...

these look amazing:^) wish I was nearby to visit the show. Looking forward to more images when the show opens!