Thursday, April 12, 2012


Kiln woes have slightly tempered my new studio excitement but settling in issues were to be expected and thankfully things should be sorted out by the end of the school holidays when I am always a little less than productive anyway.

I did, however, find time to set up my 'cube' today. 

I have joined a fine array of artists and craftspeople that exhibit and sell small objects from glass cubes at incube8r in Smith St Fitzroy. 

I thought it a good idea to have my porcelain bangles (picture below) available in Melbourne, beyond the occasional market, as they are proving quite popular.

I have committed to three months and we'll see how things go. Always good to try out new avenues. If I have learnt any thing in the nigh on fourteen years I have been making with clay it is that different pieces work in different places. I have a certain engobe colour that only sells in Adelaide... it fascinates me.

Anyhoo, if you have a hankering for a refresh in the body adornment department, or you're feeling the desire to treat a friend, you might like to pop in and have a squiz.

321 smith street
fitzroy 3065
p: 03 8415 0321
tues 11-5
wed – sat 11-6
sun 12-4

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