Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Porcelain bangles

My first foray into jewellery. Fun to make and driven by the constant testing of coloured clay I have been undertaking of late. Well... I also just wanted some new jewellery... and there is also the Christmas thing. Each year I try to make porcelain Christmas cards or tree decorations of some description but I think bangles have become my 'not a vessel' item for 2011.

Along with batter bowls and other assorted functional tableware, I will have bangles available at the Sisters Market this weekend. 

Brunswick Town Hall
233 Sydney Rd Brunswick
Friday 16th Dec 5pm-9pm
Saturday 17th Dec 10am-4pm

Last event for the year. Phew.


andrew widdis said...

I can't wear em, but I like em heaps.

DPLblog said...

This is a good idea. I can imagine the great sound they'd make, clicking together around a wrist. Nice work.