Monday, November 28, 2011

The market roll

Yep - 'tis the season. 

I have a few markets and things coming up so (given my frustrating inability to find time to blog of late) I thought an all inclusive list might be the go. If by chance you feel there is a certain someone who might like a handmade ceramic gift this Christmas here is where I will be selling work... 

Starting with this weekend...

Sunday 4 December
10am - 5.30pm
Pottery Expo
Fed Square Atrium


Saturday 10 December
10am - 4pm
Studio Sale (samples and seconds)
142-144 Weston St Brunswick East


Friday 16 December 5pm - 9pm
Saturday 17 December 10am - 4pm
Brunswick Town Hall
233 Sydney Rd Brunswick

Hope to see you... somewhere, some place, sometime... 

And to all my fellow craft practitioners and wonderful retailers I wish you great success and sanity over the next few weeks!

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