Friday, September 2, 2011

Domestic Wear

Time for an 'outing' of new work. As usual it doesn't quite feel complete (one more firing... I'll just tweak this...) but I am happy with the general direction the coloured porcelain and inlay is taking me. 

I have titled this body of work Domestic Wear because it explores concepts associated with the passage of time as well as commemorating the functional vessel. 

With different percentages of ceramic stains in the clay body the intensity of colour varies from piece to piece so, when grouped, there is the impression of fading. The inlay is slightly raised (difficult to see in these images), as a result of wiping away the surrounding clay, to suggest erosion.

I'm enjoying the contradiction of exploring these concepts in a material that is know for it's durability. I think it makes the work feel unhurried, quietly suggestive of the passage of time and I hope it captures the notion that objects become slowly stripped back to beautiful.

Of course the urban imagery lingers.


Anna said...

love the progression of your decorative style from the real to the more abstract :^)

Mel Robson said...

I agree. Lovely progression Sophie. The blue ones really tickle my fancy.