Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Market day

My kiln has been firing her little heart out and opening the door this morning was a happy, happy moment. Inside a conglomeration of different projects - pieces for wholesale orders, a commission for a friend,  works of collaboration, coloured clay tests and new work especially for market - all merrily baked and awaiting a gentle sanding. A perfect firing. Bliss.

Southern Ice beaker

This Saturday I will be at the Brunswick Town Hall for my first Sisters' Market. I have visited before but never  participated. I am looking forward to being surrounded by crafty types and hopefully getting some immediate feedback on new work.

The challenge with markets is creating the right product at the right price for everyone concerned!

It is understandable that market goers may expect to find something special at a price slightly lower than what would be expected in a retail store. Buying directly from the craftsperson means store overheads and other retail considerations are avoided. However, there is also the concern that markets can undermine the value of the craft object if work is sold too cheaply. The standard of handmade objects at Melbourne's many artisan markets is usually high and deserving of a respectable price tag.

My approach is to create a different body of work for each purpose. I have my retail 'range', work for exhibitions and now I am creating 'market wares'. We'll see how that goes!

Noodle bowls

What I am discovering is that the work I am making specifically for markets is leading me back to functional basics. Ornamental and conceptual concerns are somewhat diminished and I seem to want to make simple, practical forms for domestic use.   

Batter bowls

This is where it all began for me and I must admit I am relishing revisiting this creative space - with greater knowledge, developed skills and a few more years under my belt!

sisters' market
Saturday 6 Aug 10am - 4pm
Brunswick Town Hall
233 Sydney Rd, Brunswick


Beck said...

Can't wait to get my hands on some... Just beautiful Sophie!

Beck said...
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Shannon Garson said...

OH ! Those batter bowls! I LOVE them.
Very beautiful.

smallpieces said...

I agree that the retailer/supplier relationship be exclusive. There's no point undercutting an outlet of your work. It's retailer or market, not both. I have no problem if it's different work, but there's no reason to be making the retailer's job more difficult.

Sophie Milne said...

Thank you for your comments all. (And just for the record.. that is not a censorship moment above I just accidentally published one comment twice!)

Anna said...

thanks for your comments re market versus retail. Love the batter bowls :^)

Adriana Christianson said...

those batter bowls look as if they have been made from pure cream..delicious..

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to agree with the above comments about the batter bowls. They are truly gorgeous...