Thursday, June 23, 2011

A few things on the go

I have recently returned to full time making. Joy! It is an entirely different head space to three days a week and the occasional extra moment. Days are still shortened or interrupted by life's other callings but just knowing I can get to the studio more has unleashed a whole lot of pent up creative notions.

It's entirely possible I am getting a little carried away. I have taken on new retailers, new students and have new work on the go for an upcoming joint exhibition. I plan to submit to a couple of competitions, have a market stall and studio open day dates to work toward and have started a collaboration. Hmmm... I may have gotten a little carried away... but... joy!

It's the collaboration that is on my mind at this moment in time. Starting a creative dialogue with another artist is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while and just as I had hoped, the situation presented itself rather than be hunted down. 

It started in the form of a birthday present, a beautiful print from someone I didn't know drew, and a conversation about the linocut process with it's commonalities to sgraffito.  Well... one thing led to another... and a collaboration has begun.

It is early days and I have no distinct expectations beyond the pleasure of seeing another artist's response to my forms and the opportunity to see my work more intimately through the eyes of another. At the moment we are still learning each others artistic language and keeping verbal (and "txt") communication to a minimum. Just playing really but it is exciting. These images are sneak peaks of the start of something, more on my collaborator soon.

Play should never be underestimated.


Patricia Griffin said...

Wow. This is so intriguing and amazing. Looking forward to seeing more.

Jo Ann said...

Absolutely beautiful!