Sunday, June 26, 2011

Check this out

Shelley Martin and Sara Dick, 2001

Every now and then I wander aimlessly from one ceramic link to another. It's fun to have a meander but it can be overwhelming at times. I experience a range of emotional responses, from inspiration to dejection, when I see the plethora of wonderful ceramic work being done globally.

I try to stick on the inspiration side of the scale.

Recently I was contacted by Shelley who has set up a blog, Vitrified Studio, that allows me to meander aimlessly in the one place. Cool. It's a simple idea (often the best)... as Shelley states "this blog is made for those who share an appreciation in the subtle beauty in simple handmade ceramic forms, and as an ode to the ceramic artists who inspire me." 

I feel rather pleased to be included as there is some spectacular work represented. 

Thanks Shelley.

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kate said...

You are not alone in the aimless wandering and the range of emotions!! I know exactly what you mean!