Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Blogging and exercise seem to be the first things to go when I get busy. 

Been making pots, been making pots aplenty. 

Sweet production - head down, orders to meet, throwing, turning, more throwing, things drying rather slowly so to decorating other things, kiln firing, turning, mucking around with stains in clay and inlay, glazing, more firing, finish that turning, handles and spouts, more throwing, decorating, turning, glazing, firing... sweet production.

But some time must be made for a break. So a day trip to Healesville to visit TarraWarra Museum of Art. What a wonderful private gallery this is. 

The building somehow manages to be substantial without being overwhelmingly large and possesses a contemporary, minimal style while comfortably inhabiting its country setting. As someone who knows naught about architecture, beyond what I like and don't like, I wont go on.  

Suffice to say I like this building, especially its colour and concrete grace... 

...and of course the fact that it is surrounded by some very picturesque views.

I intended to visit the museum during it's recent Brett Whitely exhibition but time got away from me. The idea of a day trip was lodged in my mind. 

There are currently three exhibits in the space  - Australian Masterpieces from the TWMA collection : the 70's; Artwork To Tapestry; and Rosslynd Piggot Dividing Infinity: A Room For Painting. While there were occasionally captivating moments in each show, all together it was a little dispirit. The scale of the exhibition space works better when utilised for one cohesive show.

No matter, it is a beautiful place to spend some time and share a glass of wine on the lawn on a mild autumnal day.


judsculpt said...

Hello, nice to have a fellow Australian blogging,the museum looks awesome,is it in Healsville Vic or Qld? I haven't heard of it.I will have to come and visit your blog again.

Rachel Power said...

It's funny--that countryside around TarraWarra never quite looks Australian to me. Perhaps because it's so green... Such an impressive gallery though.

Sophie Milne said...

That would be Healesville in Victoria Judi, although I wouldn't mind a day trip to Qld at the moment!

Rachel, lovely to hear from you, I do hope you have another book in the works.