Thursday, March 10, 2011

Slowly does it

Feels like I am slowly returning to earth from another planet. 

There are many reasons I love making pots but one of the main ones is the singular focus - that time when you switch off the computer, close the door, put the mobile on silent and turn on the wheel. It's my saving grace. 

What I am doing is right there in front of me, its real and tangible. At times I dictate what is to occur but at other times I respond to the demands of the material and process. It is a conversation I never tire of having and a constant reminder that with time and patience everything can be overcome.

Feels good to be back... a little at a time...

Of course music helps too. 

Pony Face Stars Are Bright

And with friends like these I feel fortunate indeed.


andrew widdis said...

If only I could switch this computer off. I'm totally dependant on my addiction.
I did fire up the kiln overnight though, first in months. There is hope.
We would all be the poorer without your vessels to inspire us. +_+

Sophie Milne said...

Thanks Andrew, I appreciate it. I hope your firing is all you expect and then some! xS