Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three days to go

Another hasty post to mention an exhibition that is about to close... High Tea at Bundoora Homestead finishes this Sunday. If you enjoy tongue-in-cheek opulence and irreverent pokes at the social traditions of a bygone age then, like me, you may enjoy this exhibition.

I wandered naively into one room and was immediately confronted by a dance installation. Two dancers folded under very small tables were attempting to drink and pour tea from the surface above. After reading the accompanying text I relaxed and enjoyed the space with its various installations and buttons to push and ate the offered scones, jam and cream. Yep, was definitely liking this exhibition so far.

Some other highlights...

Dani Maugeri High Tea 2010

Tara Badcock Teacosy No.31 Death and the Maiden 2010 

 Tara Badcock Teacosy No.? 2010 

Hmmm, odd things going on under that teacosy's skirt...

Tara Badcock Teacosy No.? (detail) 2010 

 Malte Wagenfeld Making Scents of High Tea 2010  

I smelt till I was giddy in this room (above). Two tables were set with boxes containing scents relating to the high teas of early 20th century and those of today. Yum and urghhh...

Jeremy Pryles Return to Decorum (detail) 2010

Jeremy Pryles Return to Decorum (detail) 2010

This is just a taster of a few moments in the show. I know it's been done in many different ways and shapes before but I do like that idea of contemporary works in a traditional space and I enjoy a sense of playfulness in an exhibition, every now and then. 

Congrats to curator Kim Brockett I say. 

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous exhibition you've tantalised me with! I'm familiar of course with Tara's pieces but the other work is wonderful too!