Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Studios I Like #8

Ahh - holidays. I have embraced relaxation in its many shapes and forms and am growing my fingernails just for the novelty of it. Although having a break from making, I find I can't completely stay away from pots. A trip down the Great Ocean Road is incomplete without a side excursion to Qdos.

Once again I admit I didn't actually see the studio in question here but experiencing the setting is enough to include it in this series of posts. And there are a few pictures on the website that make me fairly certain I would like the studio itself.

Qdos, located in the rainforest of The Great Otway National Park (Lorne, Vic), is a contemporary art gallery, restaurant, accommodation and home to the studio of woodfire master Graeme Wilkie

Each time I have visited, the gallery has been showing paintings rather than ceramics but there is a small retail outlet for pottery made on site, which is fun to have a nosey around.

I have an odd relationship with woodfired ceramics. With little experience of it, just some wonderful all night firings when I was a student, I feel somewhat removed from the passion of those who embrace this technique wholeheartedly. However I appreciate what is involved and the philosophy behind many of it's practitioners.  

I also appreciate change and getting out of industrial Brunswick East to spend a little time wandering around the "backyard" of a famous potter is definitely something I like.  

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