Sunday, October 17, 2010

Studios I Like #6

OK, so I think this might be all for the Studios I Like series for the time being. I will have to get out and about and visiting more! 

Before I move on I will mention this book...
Modern British Potters and their studios 
by David Whiting. 

The description from my place of purchase reads "An in-depth study of 24 artists, their work and studios. The book will look at the work, inspiration and the studio of each potter. Almost a mini biography on many of the most prominent and exciting artists around, the book looks at artists making everything from domestic ware to sculpture...Both a visual and informative book, showcasing work alongside professional shots of the artists studios, with a well-written summary of the artist. This book offers an ideal opportunity to review a variety of some of the most interesting potters together, throwing the book open to a wide audience of ceramic lovers."

And that it does, but I like it because it's got pretty pictures! The images are beautiful, the art is inspirational and the studios are spectacular. 

Hmmm... studios... it is the light that does it but also the textures and materials in old buildings - tiles or floorboards, stone walls, chunky wooden benches and shelving. Space and natural light are so important but I really like sturdy studios: heavy, anchored, workable fixtures and furnishings that allow movement, small and large, to take place without hesitation. 

Enough dreaming for now, still love my little space because it's mine, and personally I could be happy making pots in a submarine.

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