Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quote #2

"In a world suffused with images and things, one might want to reflect on what already exists, rather than devise new forms." Glenn Adamson

From Once More With Feeling
Crafts UK March/April 2010

Every now and then an odd sentence floats my way that gets me thinking. I usually scrawl it down in a notebook somewhere and promptly lose it. The other day it dawned on me (quick i am) that jotting them down in my blog could prove a much more effective record. So that is why the quotes. Not always words I completely agree with but simply things that get me thinking.

And another aside, regarding the previous post - t'was purely intended to describe one aspect of my experience of the creative process and in no way did I mean to imply I wish it otherwise. Please don't stop showing me things my friends, family and collegues!!!

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