Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter already?!

Would that it had been four months holiday but alas no, life just rudely interrupted my blogging.

But I'm back now so first a catch up.

I feel an exciting change in the clay infused air in Melbourne town: a hint of tentative positivity in the industry perhaps or a re-ignited glimmer in the eye of my fellow world weary ceramicists.

It's taking a different form and 'moving with the times' but it would appear that interest in ceramics is on its way back. Classes are filling at a rapid pace at Northcote Pottery, events and opportunities are coming thick and fast and, from all accounts, sales of handmade ceramic objects seem to be pretty healthy too. God I hope it's not just because Patrick Swayze died and Ghost has been on TV.

It is good to be busy (I say, still in PJ's on a sunny Easter Monday) and that it has been. I have three lovely new retailers - Mac Pelican in Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Southwood in Queens Parade, Nth Fitzroy and Coventry St, South Melbourne and then, of course, there is Potier.

Now I don't mean to play favorites but a new Melbourne store entirely devoted to ceramic art does deserve an extra special mention.

Proprietor Judith Buckeridge has spent a number of years researching this project and is passionate about the work she has selected. She has a wonderful website which lists all the artists represented with an image or two of their work.

It's well worth visiting online if you are unable to visit the store itself, which I intend to do this Wednesday 7 May, as it is an open day from 10 to 7 and I think there was some mention of champagne...

There's my work sitting in a bay next to Phil Elson's, bit chuffed about that!

Potier is at 29 Mills St Albert Park and I really wish Judith all the best with this new venture.

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