Saturday, April 24, 2010

Creation v. Demolition

Things have been a little noisy around my neck of the woods. The factory that inhabits an entire block, opposite us in Weston St, is in the process of being demolished, to make way for 260 apartments I believe.

Strange creatures have appeared, bent on destruction.

The view from my studio window is somewhat changed.
Ever impressed by industry and it's machines, I admit to having spent a fair amount of time standing in the doorway watching the activity with amazement.

It was a particularly impressive landscape at dusk the other deadly still night, with flashes of sheet lightening and the occassional bat overhead.
But after a fortnight or so I have to tell you it is starting to do my head in!

To compensate I made my first ever itunes purchase. Eek - no actual CD, cover or artwork but some of the happiest tracks I have ever had the pleasure to hear.

Oh please rest my ravaged mind and just enjoy the music!

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