Monday, December 7, 2009

On with the show

Christmas has come early in the form of a new camera, hooray! And I think my kiln problem may be solved also but I am yet to fire her up again, so more on that later.

Now - to test run my new shiny toy - some images from the northcote pottery supplies' artist in residence exhibition, currently on at Pan.

The purpose of this annual exhibition is simply to showcase current creative activities taking place behind the studio doors at Northcote Pottery Supplies.
Embracing this, the pieces I chose to display are incomplete thoughts.

Each individual object has reached some level of resolution but at this stage the pieces, as a whole, do not constitute a complete body of work.

Although, if I'm honest with myself, I know that should I wait to 'complete' a body of work no piece would ever actually pass beyond my studio door!

So I am appreciative of the opportunity to exhibit in this manner and below are some words I penned to elaborate.

Ceramic Insulator Beakers and Street Side Bottles

"A shift in focus from rural to urban environments has resulted in a marked change in direction for my ceramics this year. Observing my immediate surroundings in Melbourne’s northern suburbs has led to an exploration of forms, lines and colours that are more industrial in nature.

The pieces included in this exhibition are driven as much by symbolic narrative as the desire to make functional vessels. I am exploring the conflict and contradictions, both personal and social, arising from a love/hate relationship with a city.

In process is my development of new glaze colours to capture the muted tones of this environment; I am enjoying the irony in crafting vessels inspired by iconic machine-made forms, such as ceramic insulators and the more graphic nature of urban imagery has led me to investigate dark slips inlaid in the stark white of Southern Ice porcelain.

In focusing on the aesthetics of urban infrastructure, things born of necessity and need and seen everyday, I question whether an artwork that incorporates modern imagery can still aim to be timeless. I am intrigued by the idea that this work, in capturing imagery associated with a specific period of time and soon to be obsolete, may result in the work itself being representative of an era
." Sophie Milne, December 2009


andrew widdis said...

The illustrations are becoming stylized, interesting/nice.
I checked out your bottles at Planet furniture in Sydney Yesterday, they look nice too.
Must say Sophie, the humidity up here is killing me.
Off to an exhibition at the national art school this arvo.

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