Monday, September 7, 2009



I use porcelain and most of my forms are quite fine so I throw everything on batts. This means I can take a just-thrown form from the wheel on its own board, removing the danger of warping that can occur when sliding a piece directly from the wheel head.

I throw a flat disc of clay on the wheel, centre a wooden batt on top and hammer it down with my fist. The batt then becomes the throwing surface.

There's quite a rhythm to this process, a communal beat between the rotating wheel, the drumming of closed hand on batt and the open hand paddling of clay to begin centering. I regulate my breathing and use the moment to clear my mind of clutter and prepare for the singular focus throwing requires.


Jason said...

So that is what they are for! I was at Northcoate Pottery yesterday, doing the "intro to mold making" day course and was thinking "just how are they used?" Now I know!

BTW...if you need an intern for a day or two...;-)

Sophie Milne said...

Hi Jason
Hope you enjoyed the course. If I had more time I would love you to come in but for now every moment alone in my studio is so very, very precious.
Good luck with everything. And say hi next time you are in.