Saturday, July 11, 2009

the up side

It is upsetting when you see a worthwhile organisation falter. I don't think I am out of line in openly expressing that Ceramics Victoria is in a spot of difficulty. Dependent on volunteers and receiving no government funding, the group has been without a president for some time and the hard work and drive is dependent on a dedicated few.

It's an unfortunate situation and one that is difficult to rectify. I, like many, wish I could offer greater involvement but it's proving impossible to schedule time amidst all the other demands of life.

Last Wednesday the opening of the annual Pat Emery award and Ceramic Victoria members exhibition took place at Yarra Sculpture Space in Abbotsford. I imagine there was some disappointment in regard to participation and attendance. But there was an up side to this...

Kaspa Elston, Towers

Yarra Sculpture Space is a large industrial-type exhibition space with high ceilings, concrete floor and white brick walls. With a smallish amount of work on display there was a wonderful feeling of expansive space - room to move, room to look and room to allow each piece the significance it deserved. I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition and the standard of work on display.

I may be unable to help CV on a practical level but I am able to show my support by purchasing a members work (more on that later!) and heartily encouraging others to visit this exhibition.

Sylvia Segon, Cup & Saucer and Stack

Ceramics Victoria Members Exhibition
Pat Emery Award
On until 26th July.
Yarra Sculpture Space
117 Vere Street Abbotsford Melbourne

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