Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good things happen in Melbourne too!

Katie Jacobs, Raining In My Heart

Katie Jacobs is a ceramic artist from Melbourne who constantly inspires. She is a staff member and advocate for Arts Project Australia, a musician, a really nice person to spend time with and as a ceramicist she has an ability to express a fresh and emotive view of the world.

Raining In My Heart is on now until August 15 at Pieces of Eight, a wonderful space for contemporary jewelry and artist made objects, in North Fitzroy.

According to the gallery website Katie...
"has created a beautiful frozen landscape of snow capped mountains, planes and clouds. The poetic beauty in this Buddy Holly song title is illustrated so evocatively as a metaphor by Jacobs who uses porcelain to create this body of work. For her, the icy appearance and cold surface represents “hidden and fragile emotions”. The scene she creates was inspired by a regional exhibition she was involved in earlier this year where she faced the realities of drought stricken central Victoria. Jacobs created a limited series of large raining clouds which were intended to function as a kind of talisman which would bring rain to a parched land. As she explains, “I liked the romance of using rain as a metaphor for tears and sadness”.

I am looking forward to visiting Pieces of Eight this weekend.

Oh and she has a blog too!

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