Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful Rust

Last weekend I went country with my mum and my son.
Lots of reading, chatting, sleeping and walking.

Got up close and personal with an alpaca.

Did you know they spit when they get cranky? I didn't.

Trudging through one particular field we came across a collapsed shed and I got a little carried away in my admiration for the effects of wear on the corrugated iron remains.

It brought to my mind the work Kirsten Coelho.

Kirsten Coelho, vessels, 2008

I have long been an admirer of Kirsten's ceramics.

The quiet, solid forms are beautifully accentuated with the seemingly inadvertent movement of iron markings.

She often uses a white satin glaze that has a surface quality you not only want to touch but rub your lips across
(or that may just be me).

Kirsten Coelho, vessels, 2008

Kirsten's website states "her work has been influenced by nineteenth and early twentieth century enamel wares and the abstracted surface possibilities these objects can possess when they begin to age."

1 comment:

Mel Robson said...

oooh, what a crazy eye that alpaca has!
Kirsten's pots are amazing. i drink my morning tea out of one of her beakers every single day and it never loses an ounce of its amazingness!!!