Thursday, June 4, 2009

Australian Ceramics Triennale

Confession time. I've never been to a conference before. It's all a bit exciting. The thought of five days of complete submersion in ceramic discussions, demonstrations, exhibition and events is really getting the better of me and I keep visiting the Australian Ceramics Triennale website to see the latest edition to the plethora of activities. Six more weeks to go - at least I'm not counting in sleeps (yet).

Shannon Garson is regularly posting on her official triennale blog and I was going to do a post today on all the things I am looking forward to but realised that was pretty much everything. Best you follow the links and have a look for yourselves. I 'borrowed' these images to get you in the mood.

I'll be wearing my Pan Gallery hat whilst attending. (There's an interesting thought - do gallery managers wear hats? Wigs maybe?) It's the perfect time to spread the word about the Pan Gallery Award and our Interstate Artist Opportunity.

And, as Shannon kindly mentioned, I will also be taking part in Planet's "on the table too" exhibition. Oh, and hopefully meeting some 'digital friends' and perhaps indulging in a cocktail or two! Hmmm - how many more sleeps I wonder?


Shannon Garson said...

I'd like to see you in bouffy Marilyn Monroe style blond wig!

Sophie Milne said...

Only if you show me your hip hop moves Shannon!

olivia monti said...

I am addicted to the site of the australian triennale, but I live in Italy, not much of a chance to see more than that..
anyway I keep a blog on contemporary ceramics mainly for Italy and I love to host a post on my blog from someone who's there at the triennale. Do you think is possible?
thanks olivia